Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What a Joke

Did anyone see that mockery of the greatest movie ever made, “The Poseidon Adventure,” that was on NBC Sunday night? There’s no way to improve on perfection, so I don’t know why they even tried to remake this classic. It was supposed to be The Poseidon Adventure with a modern twist, complete with terrorists, gunfights, extramarital affairs, and improved special effects. All I saw was a foolish movie filled with terrible acting and poor story lines. They reused some scenes and plots from the original, but their production was so bad that they were insignificant. One example was when Mrs Rosen died after making the underwater swim. Well, she didn’t clear the way for anyone, and Manny had died years ago. So who fucking cares? Some character names remained the same, but their development was terrible, and I felt no connection to them whatsoever. When one of them died, I couldn’t give a shit. NBC, don’t ever do anything like this again, you morons.

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