Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Thirsty Thursday Club Tops 50!

One of the most fun events in Great Falls is attending White Sox games, the local rookie ball affiliate of the big club in Chicago. Every Thursday home game, beers are only $1 for the first 4 innings. We have assembled a little club that attends these games, loads up on beers, sits in the front row, gets drunk, and heckles the shit out of these young professionals. While most of these kids were playing high school or college last year, now they are pro and subject to harassment. Some may call it mean, but I just look at it as preparation for the higher leagues. I mean, if they can't handle 6 drunks in Great Falls, how the hell are they gonna handle the big leagues, where 50,000 fans insult their mothers and throw batteries at them? The last Thursday of the season was a milestone, as "the club" consumed 55 beers en route to another Great Falls loss. That equals $55, not a bad deal. Fear not, our heckling is family friendly (no obsenities), but it still has these guys crying for their mommies. I swear I saw a couple of them waiting for us after the game by the team bus. YOU STILL SUCK!

A view of our seats, where beers go down faster than the Great Falls hitters.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Big Sloppy

I hate that fat bastard David Ortiz. He's gets his share of clutch hits, I'll give him that, but no way should he be MVP. ARods numbers are just as good, he has just as many game winning RBIs, and he makes significant contributions in the field. No doubt about it, ARod should be MVP. Besides, how could anyone who is the love child of Aunt Jemima and the Cookie Monster (my boy Shane came up with that one) win anything other than a bake off?

That's one ugly family. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Down the Stretch They Come to me is like pie to David MSC. I just can't get enough. For 15 bucks I subscribed to the last month of the baseball season. Now I can stream every Major League baseball game live to my computer. You can even pause games and continue them where you left off. All the big games as the pennant race heats up. And this is especially important to me since the Yanks are right in the thick of it. A half game behind the Red Sox in the division and the Indians in the wild card race as we speak. Watching the games has consumed me, robbing me of other important activities such as exercising, homework, eating, sleeping, etc. But those things aren't important this time of year.

I'll take a homer, but give the donut to Dave. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bert is Behind The Chaos

I'm sick of people blaming Bush, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or Britney Spears for messing up the globe. Research has shown that the man behind most of the suffering today is none other than Bert. He has collaborated with numerous figures to have his hand in some of the most infamous incidents in history. He has been an advisor to Hitler and Bin Laden, and helped make sure the Kennedy assasination went down without a hitch. He's even done some really mean things to Ernie. We need to stop going after the wrong people here, and find and kill Bert. Until we do, the world will continue to exist in turmoil.

"We have matching eyebrows." Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Let's Just Call It "Brews and Brews"

I had the pleasure of attending the "Blues and Brews" festival in Great Falls last week. This annual event combines blues music and great beer to raise money for the River's Edge trail down by the Missouri. I like to socialize, but my main mission here is to drink. Tons of great microbrews, and well, I need to try them all. Several times each. I wouldn't know if Elvis was on stage, or a hobo playing the spoons. The music is not my thing. And the $18 cover charge keeps the plentiful Great Falls rif raff away, so the atmosphere is fairly civil. You can actually see some females that well, look like females.

Once I found a beer I liked, I drank a lot of it. Fast. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The White Stripes Suck Dick

I cannot understand how this band gets radioplay, wins awards, and has fans. They have to be the worst band I have ever heard. Two no talent albinos, shitting out songs that make projectile vomiting sound like fun. Absolutely terrible. That's some skilled drumming too that bitch produces with her 2 piece drum set. Wow. Just goes to show you the warped sense of the commercial music world.

Nice fucking outfits. Idiots. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Rutgers Does It Again

Being a Rutgers fan has got to be the most frustrating occupation known to man. Now I know what Red Sox fans have felt for the last 86 years. When we're not getting our ass kicked, we are playing well and looking good...that is until we find a way to blow it in the end. And the football team upheld that tradition last week, running all over the University of Illinois for 3 quarters of the game, leading 27-7. Well, Rutgers started playing like crap, blew the lead, and lost in overtime. I have been dealing with shit like this ever since I was a freshman at RU in 1995. And the tradition continues.

Rutgers fans celebrate a rare first down. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Drop the Bomb on New Orleans

You know, a small part of "da bum" is feeling a pang of sympathy for the people suffering from the aftermath of the hurricane. But that's only a very small part. You want help? Stop looting electronics stores, shooting at police officers, and raping people. Pull together in a time of crisis and help out your fellow man. Stop yelling at the government trying to help you and bringing racial issues into the mix. The U.S. has never dealt with a catastrophe like this. Help is coming. Or better yet, lets launch some B1 Bombers and blow the place to hell. The city is a dump anyway. I can say one thing: There may be a food shortage now, but there certainly wasn't before the hurricane. There are some fat bastards down there. But at least I got to go to Mardi Gras before the city was destroyed.

"Will Show Tits for Food." Oops, too late. Posted by Picasa