Wednesday, April 27, 2005

DJs vs Bands

OK, some flaming chump takes some of daddy's money, assembles some equipment, compiles a collection of songs, and poof! He's a DJ. Now he can give himself a gay name, like DJ Fuzz, book himself at clubs and weddings, and charge an unreasonable amount of money. And no, he's just not hitting "PLAY" on the CD player, he's practicing an art, called "spinning." How is that somebody like this gets paid more money, and is amazingly, more popular, than a band? A band which requires several members to 1)know how to play an instrument, 2)know how to play songs, and 3)know how to play well together. It doesn't make sense. Don't support DJs, support bands - people with actual talent.

"What? You want to hear 'Keep on Rocking in the Free World'? I don't think I have that one." Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Absolutely NOT Great Falls

Now you can tell by my name that I live on York St, right in the heart of Yale University. Yea the students are liberal, but come on, there's nothing hotter than a smart girl, especially one with a smokin' body. I mean Jordana Brewster (Fast and Furious) went here for crying out loud. Well I recently had the opportunity to visit Great Falls, Montana. Now while there's a lot to rag on that city, I'll focus on the fact that I did not see one pretty woman the whole time there. There's an abundance of large, flannel clad, mullet sporting beasts who waddle from one feeding trough to the next. And any woman who was halfway decent looking had the intellectual capacity of a basketball. Those who thought they were hot to trot wouldn't get a second look in a real town. Warning to all men: Don't go wife shopping in Great Falls!

She's hot AND smart. In Great Falls, you can't find hot OR smart. Posted by Hello